Dry Misting for fruit and vegetables 


Fresh fruit and vegetables displayed in store deteriorate rapidly. The extremely low humidity in the average supermarket causes them to lose a great deal of moisture. Salad leaves wilt within an hour, which means they appear less fresh and end up as waste sooner. Dry Misting combats this effect by hydrating and cooling the air around the shelf 24/7 without making the product itself wet.

Dry Misting protects weight, quality and colour

Dry Misting creates a very fine mist of purified water using ultrasonic vibrations. A small plate vibrates against the surface of the water 1.7 million times a second, which creates minuscule water droplets that form a mist cloud above the shelf.

Less waste, higher sales

Thanks to the local cooling effect, the products stay fresh for up to twice as long, which improves their appearance and thus also the customer experience. Research has shown that customer satisfaction in a fresh produce department improved by more than 20% after Dry Misting was installed.


Even more importantly, Dry Misting reduces the volume of products that end up as waste. On average, supermarkets that use Dry Misting throw away 25% less fresh fruit and vegetables than supermarkets without Dry Misting.

Clean and safe

Because every Dry Misting system is fitted with a rinsing system and water filter, the mist it spreads is always clean and safe.

Retailer on Dry Misting:

“Our customers experience even greater freshness in store and you can really see that the products retain their colour and stay fresh for longer”.

Sabine Zondag, PLUS-supermarket manager
How Dry Misting helps

Dry Misting helps retailers to:

  • Improve the customer experience
  • Increase sales
  • Reduce waste flows
  • Increase product quality
  • Reduce labour costs
  • Reduce the use of plastic packaging
  • Reduce their ecological footprint

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