Dry misting in

other markets

The hydrating and cooling effect of Dry Misting offers benefits in other markets, including the wine, cheese and industrial baking industries.

Other applications


Large volumes of moisture evaporate from the wooden barrels during the wine ageing process. This can result in lower yields. Dry Misting helps reduce evaporation losses by up to 70% without causing humidity and mould.

Other applications


Humidity is one of the most important factors in the baking process and has a direct impact on the quality of the bread. By increasing the humidity to any desired percentage, Dry Misting helps improve quality and optimise the baking process.

Other applications


Humidity is an essential part of the cheese ageing process, particularly for soft cheeses. Cheese manufacturers use controlled humidity to accurately control the ageing process. The desired relative humidity can be up to 95%.

Dry Misting can produce these high levels of relative humidity without causing undesirable moisture on the product itself or in the surrounding area.

Other applications


In the HVAC industry, Dry Misting is used to improve interior air quality, to reduce energy consumption and to increase the efficiency of air conditioning systems.


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