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Contronics makes mist

We are the market leader in ultrasonic humidification: Dry Misting. This innovative technology envelopes fresh products in a blanket of mist, which keeps them fresh for up to 50% longer. This helps to reduce waste and ensures optimal product quality.

An innovative solution to a complex problem

While a large part of the global population suffers from food insecurity, no less than 45% of all the food produced worldwide ends up as waste. This is a huge problem, particularly in the light of increasing population growth.

We have found a way of minimising food waste: Dry Misting.

When used with various product groups in various phases of the supply chain, from directly after harvesting to supermarket shelves, Dry Misting extends the shelf life of fresh products by up to 50%.

Thanks to our more than 40 years of experience in various sectors, we have extensive knowledge of and expertise in fields including retail, cold storage and industrial food production.



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Our story through the years

From beginner to market leader

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Dry Misting


Contronics was founded with the objective of developing energy-saving technology.


Contronics grew and relocated to Ambachtsweg 8 in Sint-Oedenrode with its workforce of five employees.


The first ultrasonic humidifier was developed and Contronics experimented with various applications.


Contronics received the EUREKA Lynx Award in recognition of the commercial success of the first humidifier, the Sanifogger.


The cooling at a trade fair in Nuremberg proved to be defective, which meant the design of the stand had to be improvised. It was here that Contronics discovered that, as well as working in a cooled display, mist also works with stainless steel tubes installed above fruit and vegetable displays.


The first pilots in major supermarket chains were launched and Contronics won the European Business Award in recognition of the success of the use of mist with fresh products, which is known as ‘Dry Misting’.


With the financial support of the EU, Contronics carried out a major research project into the use of Dry Misting throughout the fresh produce chain. The results showed a considerable reduction in food waste in cold storage, transport and supermarkets.


Start of the roll-out of Dry Misting in more than 800 Albert Heijn stores.


Contronics won the Horizon Impact Award in recognition of the proven long-term effect of Dry Misting demonstrated by the Fresh Demo study.


The head office in Sint-Oedenrode was expanded to double the area and Contronics developed plans for explosive growth in the coming three years.


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Anna Nowak
Arjan Los
International Sales Manager
Azran Paenen
Bart Manders
Bas Suurmond
Technical Project Manager
Bernhard Keller
Financial Director
Binh Nguyen
Mechanical Designer
Daniëlle Gooskens
Front Office
Frank Bakker
Business Developer
Hamayun Afzali
Hilde Gevers
Front Office
Hung Tran
Quality Manager
Irene Swinkels
Jeroen van Gemert
Jimke van der Zouw
Production Manager
Julia IJsselmuiden
Sustainability Manager
Koen Christiaans
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Khanh Hoang
Loes Munsters
Marius Janmaat
Sales Manager NL
Lennard Riskop
Sales Manager Germany
Marleen de Groot
HR Manager
Michael Weber
Michel Peters
Service Coordinator
Peter van Rijn
Business Developer
Sebastiaan Heijnst
R&D Manager
Stefan van Nunen
Sylvia Baars
Tijn van den Broek
Tobias Bakker
Technical Director

“I gain energy from the variety and freedom in my work; at Contronics, you have a lot of room to develop yourself.”

Isabelle Spierings
Communication Specialist, Contronics

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Contronics’  Awards

EUREKA Lynx Award


In 2002, the Lynx jury recognized Contronics as a significant player in the development and production of air humidifiers aimed at preserving the freshness and health of food. As a result, we were honored with the Eureka Lynx Award.

European Business Award


In 2013 we received The European Business Award. This prize is awaraded to European companies that excel in growth, innovation and market leadership, as well as long term vision, ethics and sustainability.

Horizon Impact Award


The Horizon Impact Award is an initiative by the European Commission to acknowledge projects that have utilized their outcomes to provide value to society.

In 2020, we were bestowed with this award for the EU-funded project „Fresh Demo,“ in which we demonstrated that Dry Misting significantly contributes to reducing food waste.

ECR Most Innovative Food Waste Solution


The ECR Food Waste Innovation Challenge aims to identify the most promising global innovations capable of preventing, reusing, or reducing food waste.

In 2022, we were recognized as the most innovative solution by a panel of retail and sustainability experts.