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The problem


Every year, we waste a third of all the food produced for human consumption worldwide. This has major consequences for people, animals and the environment.

At Contronics, we believe that percentage must – and can – be reduced.

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1.3 trillion kilos of food are wasted annually across the globe. This amounts to a third of all the food intended for human consumption.

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Almost 8% of total global greenhouse gas emissions are caused by the consequences of food waste. This amounts to around 3.3 gigatonnes annually.

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Across the globe, 811 million people suffer from hunger due to food shortages.



Our solution


Dry Misting is an innovative technology that can minimise food waste throughout the supply chain. Our systems produce extremely fine mist from the purest water using ultrasonic vibrations. This mist forms a blanket around fresh products, which means they retain their mass and quality without becoming wet.

Less waste, less packaging, less energy

The average humidity where fresh products are stored, transported or sold is very low. This causes fruit and vegetables, as well as meat and fish, to rapidly dry out, lose mass and end up as waste earlier.

Dry Misting is inspired by the natural effect of morning mist above fields, which promotes crop growth. By enveloping products in mist, we can create an optimally cool and hydrated microclimate for fresh products. This makes Dry Misting an effective way of reducing food waste. The mist can also help to eliminate the need for plastic packaging.

Supermarkets that use Dry Misting waste an average of 40% fewer bananas and 25% less fruit and vegetables. This means Dry Misting systems used in retail pay for themselves within 1.5 years on average.

The impact of Dry Misting

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Supermarkets across the globe have reduced fruit and vegetable waste by more than 3 million kilos annually thanks to Dry Misting

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This saves 1.1 million litres of water

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It also reduces CO2 emissions due to food waste by more than 10 million kg of CO2

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