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What is Dry Misting?

Dry Misting is an innovative technology that spreads tiny water droplets in the air to create a thin layer of mist. As the mist evaporates, the humidity rises and the temperature falls naturally. When Dry Misting is used with fresh products, they retain their freshness, colour and nutrients. The products stay fresh for up to twice as long, which reduces food waste.

How does Dry Misting work?

Dry Misting works using humidifiers with a water reservoir and a vibrating plate. This plate vibrates against the water surface in the reservoir 1.7 times a second, which causes the upper layer of water to vaporise into minuscule mist droplets. A fan blows the mist out through a stainless steel pipe to create a cool and humid microclimate.

Is Dry Misting safe?

Because every Dry Misting system is fitted with a rinsing system and water filter, the mist it spreads is always clean and safe.

What are the options regarding maintenance and repair?

At Contronics, we understand the importance of regular maintenance for the optimal operation and longevity of your Dry Misting system. That’s why we offer customized maintenance contracts tailored to your needs. Our maintenance contracts include an annual visit, during which we replace your system with a cleaned and tested one. Essential components are proactively replaced to ensure your system can function optimally for at least a year.

Feel free to reach out to us to discuss the various possibilities and create a customized maintenance contract that aligns perfectly with your business needs and budget.

Which services are covered by a maintenance contract?

Our complete maintenance contracts offer a variety of helpful services to make sure your Dry Misting system keeps working well. Here are some of the services you’ll get:

  • Periodic inspections and thorough cleaning of all relevant components.
  • Replacement of worn or damaged parts with original replacement components for optimal performance.
  • Endurance testing to ensure long-term system reliability.
  • Detailed documentation of each maintenance visit, including replaced parts and recommendations.
  • Customer-focused communication for scheduling appointments and addressing inquiries and issues.
  • Evaluation and optimization of the maintenance plan based on performance data and customer feedback.

What does Dry Misting cost?

The cost of Dry Misting depends on the surface area to be covered with mist. This means the cost varies for each system. Contact one of our specialists for a quotation without obligation.

Does Dry Misting also work with packaged products?

Thanks to the use of Dry Misting, fewer and fewer products require packaging, as the mist stops the products from drying out.

However, products that need to be packaged, for example because they are easily damaged, can also benefit from Dry Misting. Small holes in the packaging allow the product to ‘breathe’ and ensure that the cool, humid air also reaches the product.


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