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Contronics makes mist

We are the market leader in ultrasonic humidification: Dry Misting. This innovative technology envelopes fresh products in a blanket of mist, which keeps them fresh for up to twice as long. This helps to reduce waste and ensures optimal product quality.

With more than 40 years’ experience in various markets, we have accumulated a huge amount of experience. Our customers benefit from high-quality knowledge and service that are specifically tailored to the needs of their market.

About us


we make mist

45% of all crops grown across the globe end up as waste. With Dry Misting, we are helping to lower that percentage. The volume of food wasted in supermarkets alone can be reduced by 25%.


Our impact


we make mist

With Dry Misting, we create an extremely fine mist from the purest water using ultrasonic vibrations. The mist forms a blanket around fresh products, which means they retain their mass and quality without becoming wet.


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we make mist

For retailers, Dry Misting has benefits for various product groups. Fruit and vegetables, fish and meat can all benefit from the cooling and hydrating effect. There are also applications in other markets including wine storage and industrial bakeries.

Markets & Applications
Retailer on Dry Misting:

“Our customers experience even greater freshness in store, and you can really see that the products retain their colour and stay fresh for longer.”

Sabine Zondag, supermarket manager PLUS (source: Distrifood)

Our proud partnerships

Farmer on Dry Misting

“After installing Dry Misting, we won the Grower of the Year Award. It helps us bring in good harvests and supply premium products.”

Stephen Betts
Salad Grower, LJ Betts, UK


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