Dry misting in retail


Dry Misting creates the ideal microclimate for fresh products, which keeps them fresh for longer. By enveloping products such as fruit and vegetables, fish and meat in mist, the shelf-life of these products will be extended. As a retailer, you benefit from higher product quality, reduced food waste, increased sales and an improved customer experience.

Dry Misting keeps products, cool, hydrated and fresh

The average humidity in stores is exceptionally low. This low humidity causes fresh products to dry out and lose mass and nutrients, which makes them appear less attractive to customers. This leads to lower sales and high waste volumes.

Dry Misting prevents this process by mimicking the effect of morning mist above a field. It keeps fresh products cool and hydrated. This innovative technology is a proven and very effective solution that allows retailers to reduce their waste volumes and minimise plastic packaging while also saving money.

Proven results

Dry Misting in action




Dry misting in retail

How it works

Dry Misting is an innovative technology that spreads tiny water droplets in the air to create a thin layer of mist. As the mist evaporates, the humidity rises and the temperature falls naturally.

By using Dry Misting with fresh products, their freshness, colour and nutritional value are retained. This can double the shelf life of these products and helps reduce food waste.

Dry misting in retail


On average, supermarkets that use Dry Misting throw away more than 25% less fresh fruit and vegetables than supermarkets without Dry Misting. The rapid payback period (1-2 years), reductions in labour costs and improved customer experience also help to boost profit margins.

Each Dry Misting system can reduce fruit and vegetable waste by up to 33 tonnes annually. Dry Misting can also contribute to reducing the need for plastic packaging. The potential global reduction in the use of plastic is 7,000 tonnes.

Dry misting in retail

Clean & safe

Every Dry Misting system is fitted with a water filter and rinsing system, which means the mist is 100% clean and safe.

How Dry Misting helps

Dry Misting helps retailers to:

  • Improve the customer experience
  • Increase sales
  • Reduce waste flows
  • Increase product quality
  • Reduce labour costs
  • Reduce the use of plastic packaging
  • Reduce their ecological footprint


Retailer on Dry Misting:

“Our customers experience even greater freshness in store and you can really see that the products retain their colour and stay fresh for longer”.

Sabine Zondag, PLUS-supermarket retailer

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