Dry Misting for meat


With Contronics Dry Misting, meat products in chilled displays stay fresh for longer. Our advanced technology creates a protective mist layer around the products, which prevents drying out and discolouration.

Discover how Dry Misting can extend the shelf life of your product range and boost your sales figures.

Dry Misting protects weightquality and colour

The air in a normal chilled display is dry, which causes your products to lose a great deal of moisture. This can be a challenge for your meat department, where quality and freshness are very important.

Protection with mist

Dry Misting offers a solution to this problem. Our advanced systems use ultrasonic vibrations to turn very pure water into a fine mist. This mist acts as a protective shield around your meat products in the chilled display.

Attractive presentation

The humidity around the display increases as the mist gradually evaporates. This means your products retain their moisture content and stay fresh and juicy for longer. They also retain their delicious taste and quality, which are essential for an attractive presentation.

Extended shelf life

Contronics Dry Misting can extend the freshness of your meat range considerably. Customers will certainly appreciate the quality and extended shelf life, which will boost your sales figures.

Clean and safe

Because every Dry Misting system is fitted with a rinsing system and water filter, the mist it spreads is always clean and safe.

A retailer on Dry Misting:

“Thanks to Dry Misting, my products retain their weight and quality. I can offer my customers better cuts of meat and the mist also improves their appearance, which increases my sales!”

Butcher Johan Jansen, Gemert
Benefits of Dry Misting

You benefit from:

  • Less weight loss due to drying out
  • Increased sales thanks to better product quality and appearance
  • No droplets on the surface, which means it is also suitable for cut meats
  • Energy savings thanks to the cooling effect of the mist


  • Rapid installation
  • Lifetime warranty in combination with maintenance contract

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