Dry misting for

chilled storage


Normal cooling systems extract moisture from the air and thus also from the products in the chilled storage. The greater the temperature difference, the higher the moisture loss. Dry Misting regulates the humidity and temperature naturally, which means fresh products retain their weight and quality.

Retain weight and quality with Dry Misting

Dry Misting is an innovative technology that spreads tiny water droplets in the air to create a thin layer of mist. As the mist evaporates, the humidity rises and the temperature falls naturally. When used with fresh products, Dry Misting retains freshness, colour and nutrients. The products stay fresh for up to twice as long, which reduces food waste. Dry Misting can be used throughout the supply chain, from immediately after harvesting to store shelves.

For every cold store

We have solutions for cold stores of any size, for every temperature and also for CA conditions. The humidity in the cold store can be regulated automatically for any relative humidity level up to 100%. Our engineers have extensive experience with many different cold storage facilities, which guarantees rapid and easy installation.

Clean and safe

Because every Dry Misting system is fitted with a rinsing system and a water filter, the mist it spreads is always clean and safe.


A retailer on Dry Misting:

“Thanks to Contronics’ equipment, our products dry out less, which minimises weight loss. With Dry Misting, products retain their quality without becoming wet.”

Hans van Acht, chilled and frozen storage facility owner
Benefits of Dry Misting

You benefit from:

  • Higher sales because products retain their weight and shelf life
  • Higher profit margin thanks to reduced losses
  • Energy savings thanks to low consumption
  • No excess moisture on products or packaging
  • Less packaging


  • Rapid installation
  • Lifetime warranty with maintenance contract

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