Albert Heijn Reaches Dry Misting Milestone 

ESM Magazine – March 18, 2023

Dutch retailer Albert Heijn has equipped more than 700 stores with ‘Dry Misting’ technology from Contronics.

Dry Misting creates a fine layer of pure mist in the air around fresh produce on display without soaking the products or the shelves. The evaporation of the mist cools and protects the products from dehydrating and preserves their freshness, colour and nutrients. The shelf life of fruit and vegetables can be extended up to twice as long, reducing food waste significantly.

In the run-up to the national rollout, Albert Heijn studied the effects of Dry Misting extensively. Pilot stores, lab tests, shopper interviews all showed positive results for both the store’s profit as well as customer experience. 

“We are very pleased with the results of Dry Misting. Albert Heijn intends to offer fruit and vegetables of the best quality. Dry Misting helps us to do just that while reducing wastage and enabling us to use less plastic packaging.” 

Pauline van den Brandhof, external communications official, Albert Heijn

The cooperation between Albert Heijn and Contronics has proven to be beneficial for both parties. 

Rogier Klein Sprokkelhorst, manager of the Albert Heijn project at Contronics, looks back on the project with great satisfaction.

“We are very pleased with our cooperation with Albert Heijn. Although we are the inventors of Dry Misting technology, this project has helped us tremendously to further improve our technology and know-how. Thanks to Albert Heijn’s trust in us, we were able to demonstrate again that we can manage such a large-scale rollout and proof we can deliver an excellent business case for our customer.”