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Article: EDEKA retailer shares experience with Dry Misting

March 31, 2023 – Manfred Gebauer noticed multiple improvements in his EDEKA store (Göppingen, DE) after the installation of Dry Misting. Read more about his experience in this (German) interview with Lebensmittel Zeitung:  Click here to read

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Article: Dry Misting popular method to prevent food waste

March 31, 2023 – This week, Dutch news platform ‘Nieuwe Oogst’ published an article about the positive effects of Dry Misting on the reduction of food waste throughout the entire fresh food supply chain. Read the full article here.

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Dry Misting winner ECR Food Waste Innovation Challenge 2022

December 5, 2022 On Friday December 2th, we received the exciting news that we are the winners of ECR Food Waste Innovation Challenge 2022 in the category “Most Innovative Food Waste Solution”. We are beyond proud to be selected from along 100+ food waste innovations worldwide. We would like to thank ECR and Co:cubed for

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„Contronics pursues accelerated rollout of Dry Misting, with support of Victus Participations“

23 August 2021 – Victus Participations, the investment fund specialised in the Food & Agri sector, invests inContronics together with management. With its proprietary technology, Contronics provides a solution topreserve the freshness of fruit and vegetables and prevent food waste. Contronics, based in Sint-Oedenrode (the Netherlands), offers retailers and other players in the food sector

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Farmer Stephen Betts shares experience with Dry Misting

May 5, 2021 How Dry Misting helped family farm Laurence J Betts to win multiple ‘Grower of the Year’ Awards Following the award to L J Betts for UK Grower of the Year 2015 (and UK Edibles Grower of the Year – Vegetables, Gold award), Stephen Betts commented to Contronics Dry Misting, that his decision

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Albert Heijn Reaches Dry Misting Milestone 

ESM Magazine – March 18, 2023 Dutch retailer Albert Heijn has equipped more than 700 stores with ‚Dry Misting‘ technology from Contronics. Dry Misting creates a fine layer of pure mist in the air around fresh produce on display without soaking the products or the shelves. The evaporation of the mist cools and protects the

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