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„Contronics pursues accelerated rollout of Dry Misting, with support of Victus Participations“

23 August 2021 – Victus Participations, the investment fund specialised in the Food & Agri sector, invests in
Contronics together with management. With its proprietary technology, Contronics provides a solution to
preserve the freshness of fruit and vegetables and prevent food waste.

Contronics, based in Sint-Oedenrode (the Netherlands), offers retailers and other players in the food sector a
solution to reduce food waste through the use of ultrasonic humidifiers („Dry Misting“). Dry Misting has proven
to be an effective solution to preserve and hydrate fruit and vegetables, thereby improving freshness and
significantly reducing waste. Contronics is active in 30 countries and aims to strengthen its international presence in the coming years.

“Together with my business partner Feitse van der Zouw, we built a successful
company in the last 25 years. Contronics has shown significant growth in recent years and is ready to take the next step. With support of our loyal advisors at FBM in Nieuwegein (Derk Kropholler en Michel Pilgram) we connected with Victus Participations. Over the past months we have developed a close relationship with Victus and with the utmost confidence we will, together, continue to pursue Contronics’ mission to reduce food waste
by 50%.”

Frank Bakker, General Director Contronics Dry Misting

Patrick Groeneveld, Partner Victus Participations: “Demand for Dry Misting installations has grown exponentially, driven by increasing consumer demand for fresh products on the one hand and higher awareness for food waste on the other hand, putting pressure on retailers to contribute to this challenge. The solution offered by Contronics is effective, reliable and requires a limited capital expenditure. Furthermore, the technology can be applied throughout the value chain, including storage and transportation of harvest. We spotted several opportunities for international growth and new integrations in the value chain and as a shareholder we can offer the company guidance.”

Patrick Groeneveld, Partner Victus Participations