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The HU-65 ultrasonic humidifier is particularly useful in fruit and vegetable displays measuring approximately 4,5 meters in length and in cold stores of 1100 m3.


Transducer frequency 1,7 MHz
Maximum capacity 0-4,5 kg/hour (adjustable)
Life-time transducers 10.000-20.000 hour
Water particle size 1-3 micron
Diameter outlet flange 3 x 40 mm or 1 x 80 mm with adapter
Diameter suction flange 80 mm
Airflow adjustable (0 – 60 m3 0 Pa)
Outlet pipe length 6 meter
Water pressure 1 – 6 bar
Water connection ¾” external
Maximale water hardness 8º German hardness (demineralised water is strongly recommended)
Flushing frequency 1 x per hour (adjustable)
Water discharge ½” external
Content of water tank 1100 cm3
Mains voltage 230V ± 10% 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 350W
Ambient temperature 0 ºC till 35 ºC
Water temperature Water temperature
Ambient temperature compared to supply air temperature Non condensing
Dimensions (LxWxH) 370 x 265 x 210 mm
Housing Stainless steel 316L
Weight 18 kg

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